Livestock & Cattle Auction Every Wednesday at Noon

Special Stock Cow Sale Saturday, December 14th, 2019 12:00

Denzell Allen Complete Dispersal: 

85 Home raised Fancy Blk cows 3yrs to SS with 250-300 lb calves. Gentle, good set of mother cows.

Aaron Cantrell Dispersal:

80 mostly blk cows 4-55 with few reds. 

45 with 250-300wt calves and bred back to blk bulls rem 2nd & 3rdperiod.

Joe Thompson:

58 blk cows 6yrs to SS. 

3rdperiod bred blk

Jake Drenon Fall herd Dispersal:

55 Blk Pairs with 250-300 lb calves 4 yrs to SS

Don Bullock Dispersal:

37 Blk cows 3-5 yrs old

10 with calves rem 2nd & 3rd bred blk

Warner Angus:

14 blk Angus hfrs 1100-1200 lbs.

Calve March 1st for 60 days

Bill Bryan:

60 black hfrs 1000 plus lbs

Bred LBW Black

Start calving Feb 18th for 60 days

Good set hfrs

Cole Paxton Dispersal:

23 mostly blk cows with few reds.

4 with calves 

Rem 2nd & 3rdperiod

Blake Drenon:

25 Red Angus pairs with 2-3wt calves

4-7 yrs old Good Cows

Don Bistline Dispersal:

30 Blk cows 4 yrs to BM 

Some with calves

Harold Hamilton:

25 blk cows 5yrs to SS 

3rdperiod Bred Blk

Gary Sell:

10 Red cows 3rd period 5-7 yr olds

Doug Nichols:

10 Blk cows 5-6yr olds Bred Blk


Warner Angus: 1 Blk Angus Bull 21 months old

Paxton: 1 Yellow Char Bull 3yrs

Balancer Bull : 1 2yr old


Note: All cow directly off farms within 60 miles. Good set of honest cows. The Auction on Dec 14th starts at 12 noon

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